Oatmeal PBB Drink

Hang out with me very long… especially on spring & summer afternoons when I’m home alone… and you’ll discover my obsession for what I call PBB. A PBB is any drink that involves peanut butter and a banana. I’ve made kazillions of varieties (smoothies, shakes, etc.) in the past, but keep trying new recipes every time they turn up.

Enter the Oatmeal PBB. I found it in some magazine (sorry to not credit which one) awhile back and typed it into my springpad cookbook under “Healthy Snacks.” ‘Cuz it sounds healthy, right?

Here’s the recipe, as written:

Oatmeal PBB Drink

1.5 c. milk
1 banana, fresh or frozen
1.5 Tbsp peanut butter
1 pack instant oatmeal

Blend til smooth.

The verdict?

Tastes like peanut butter milk, with the occasional piece of oat to poke you in the side of the mouth. I’m not a fan. I drank a bit and will stick the rest in the freezer to see if it helps. Next time, I’ll reduce the milk to 1 cup (or use yogurt, if I have it), and try the frozen banana suggestion.


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