Pregnant Mama

10 weeks preggo

I am….

Mama-to-be, 10 weeks pregnant. Delighted, nauseous, and optimistic. Treasuring sleep when I can get it and lemonade when I can’t. Hoping to chronicle my pregnancy, our transformation from “him and her” to “baba and mama,” and the precious one we’re all waiting for.

MamaWit will be…

Written for my family and friends to follow this journey. Also for others interested in a silly, crafty, thoughtful, photo-loving, simple-living mama-to-be’s takes on life, pregnancy, and parenting, plus crafting, simplifying, reading, playing, cleaning, organizing, cooking, composting, and (eventually!) homeschooling.



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4 responses to “Pregnant Mama

  1. Anonymous

    Homeschooling can start right now! : ) Play music for your belly….bethoven is best.

  2. April

    You are beautiful pregnant 🙂

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