Week 11

Week 11: I have days now where I DON’T feel sick all the time! Yay! I’ve gained 3 inches around my waist and 1kg. I crave cheesy things, fig newtons, and mashed potatoes, but hate the thought of onion rings, raw lettuce, and coke. Second trimester, here we come!



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5 responses to “Week 11

  1. Beverly Holt

    It is great seeing you grow! Also, hereing about the pregnancy and what’s currently happening wth it is fabulous. I only remember craving ice cream with you. Dad might remember more things I craved. Love Mommy

  2. Beverly Holt

    Lori Ann,
    You seem bigger in the tummy since last week. That is soooo great.


  3. Beverly Holt

    Lori Ann, I’ve tried to this yesterday,but when I checked to do it wasn’t here. I got the o.k. to do it yesterday. So,I’ll try again. I love the three of you very much. I’m glad you are feeling better—at least some of the time!
    I was sick the first trimester with you three girls. With you I felt great after the first trimester. My pregnancy had the same sickness, with Sarah, but in addition I had a lot of knee pain the last four months, and the last six weeks, I had to stand to breath. For me that meant standing in the cornors of rooms. since that was the only way I could keep my balance for a long time. I could cataloge each of my pregnancies for you, but I won’t do it here.
    Love, Mommy
    The worst of pregnancy physical symptoms may be over, so take heart.
    But be prepared for other changes. I know you can handle it.

  4. Beverly Holt

    Dear Lori Ann,
    I miss you so much. I hope you will continue to feel better and enjoy your pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant with you, November 5, 1984, my greatest dreams and hopes were becoming realities. I hope your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled too.
    Love Always,

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