Baby’s Projects

I’m not sure if it qualifies as nesting, but pregnancy sure has peaked (if that was possible) my interest in making things. I ordered a baby knitting book in the same shipment as my pregnancy book, and dog-eared all the baby projects in my other craft books (embroidery, patchwork quilting, general knitting). I only have to complete 7 blankets, 7 toys, 4 stuffed animals, 6 diaper covers, 3 sweaters, 2 sets of leggings, 2 sets of sleepwear, 1 baby hat, and about a kazillion washcloths! Good thing the baby’s not coming for more than 5 months. Even better thing: I’ve prioritized the baby projects and don’t expect to actually complete more than 9 of the projects listed above. One for each month, right?

I’ve added a page where you (and I!) can keep track of Baby’s Projects. Comment with encouraging words of motivation!!! Or, to share even more projects for me to add to my list!



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4 responses to “Baby’s Projects

  1. whitney marie

    I love the little quilt. It’s so colorful & whimsical!

    I’d love to knit something for your baby, if that’s okay. If there’s a project on your list that you love but don’t think you’ll have time to get to, let me know! I’ve got lots of pdf baby patterns (including all of Ysolda Teague’s toys), plus the books Knitting for Baby, Natural Knits for Babies & Moms, Special Knits, and Simply Baby.


  2. Jody

    Your quilt is lovely, hope the pregnancy is going well. The last few weeks are the longest. You’ll have time for all the projects iexpect, once that nesting instinct kicks in!
    Treasure the things you make your baby. My kids have saved a few that my Mother made them, including a quilt my youngest son wouldn’t sleep without for years. They become part of their childhood and make them feel loved.

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