Month 4

See how I grow!!

Week 16: I’m really showing now! I had to start wearing maternity pants almost every day. I really like wearing maternity capris. We also had our first ultrasound this week!!

Week 17: Took a final trip to the Stone Forest for the year. I’m still loving being pregnant, but the tummy’s getting uncomfy which makes sleeping difficult. We also got some furniture for the baby’s room/nursery this week!

Week 18: Baby’s first kick! October 26th I felt little movements in my belly… and Baba (Paul) felt them too! He hasn’t felt it since that day but I feel baby move every once in awhile if I’m sitting still or lying down.

Week 19: Baby’s first growth spurt, or so it seems! I’m hungry all the time and gained 2 lbs just this week!


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