Bags & Crafts & Hemp & Burlap

My friend here is designing bags/purses from burlap, hemp, and local embroidery (some machine, some hand). The main fabric is recycled burlap sacks, so the bags are very environmentally friendly! She wants to know what foreigners think about her work so please comment with your thoughts.

Bag #1: Black Teddy Tote
Bag #2: Local Embroidery & Buttons
Bag #3: Rainbow Teddybear Tote
Bag #4: Local Embroidery Messenger Bag
Bag #5: Hand Embroidery & Hand-woven Hemp

You can see more photos here.



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4 responses to “Bags & Crafts & Hemp & Burlap

  1. Anonymous

    I love the hemp and burlap bags. The are beautiful and very useful at the same time.

  2. Hemp is a great material to use. Its very durable once you get past that initial smell of hemp not fully cured. Its to bad it cant be produced in the states. It yields more per acre than cotton takes much less pesticides and is great for crop rotation. The one down side well we al know what that is.

    • For the same reasons, it can no longer be cultivated here in China however it grows wild where I live and it is legal to weave hemp thread and cloth from that hemp. So it’s quite plentiful that way! (And yes, very durable and strong)

  3. alison bunce

    the bags are lovely but especially number 4 – so pretty and just the inspiration i need to try to make a burlap bag. lovely job – very pretty šŸ™‚

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