Month 6

It’s been a month so crazy-busy I don’t even have a picture for each week!

This month, baby became VERY active in her movements… I could easily count 10 movements in 2 minutes when lying down. Baby also got the hiccups a LOT! Also this month, we had one last ultrasound in China and found out baby’s gender… she’s a she! (And it only took us 45 minutes of convincing to get the technicians to tell us!) We said our farewells to friends and our home, and boarded flights that eventually got us back to the U.S. On the longest of these (13 hours), we were upgraded to first class! I had no idea how nice it is up there, and was so thankful, but fully expect that to never happen again (babies and kids aren’t generally selected for free upgrades the way pregnant ladies apparently are!).

I am definitely, without-a-doubt, showing, no matter what I’m wearing, how I’m standing/sitting, etc.. It’s kind of fun!



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2 responses to “Month 6

  1. bwakeling

    Our baby has hiccups all the time now as well! How many weeks gone are you? My wife is 32 weeks, and desperate to give birth as soon as possible!

    I’ve been writing a book detailing pregnancy from a man’s point of view and have recently posted some extracts online – you might enjoy it if you want to know how your partner is feeling at this time!

    All the best,


    • I’m a little further, 35 weeks here. Behind on blogging it all though I have handwritten notes in the baby book I intend to share here!

      Enjoying your blog, I’ll keep reading! Thanks for the comment.

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