Month 7

The belly’s getting bigger… which means the baby is, too!

Week 28: Back in Oklahoma! We went on a date to a Chinese restaurant and got the fortune cookie: “Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.” How appropriate! Also met our midwife, then my Dad picked us up for our 7 weeks in Arkansas. It’s great to see and spend time with family and friends, and tell everyone all about the baby!

Week 29: Still in Conway, got to see my sister Mary this week. Lots of fun playing games, laughing with family, and adjusting to life in this country.

Week 30: Babymoon! Paul and I spent part of the week in a cute “rustic” cabin at Petit Jean State Park, celebrating our 3rd anniversary of marriage as well as our last months together before baby arrives. We had a great time hiking, letterboxing, cooking, and enjoying our cozy cabin’s fireplace!

Week 31: Our first baby shower! The ladies of our church, the Landing, hosted it and I was blessed with their love. Everyone brought their favorite children’s books, and we got lots of other goodies for baby, too!


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