Mama’s Back…

… as a full Mama, now!

I certainly did not intend to abandon Mama Wit when I actually became a Mama, but if I remember my pre-baby self well, I had no idea how much work newborns can be! Tigger is 12 weeks old and now sleeping consistently at night enough that I think I can carve out at least weekly blogging time. And I’m trying to convince my sister, a Mama three times over, to join me in these witty endeavors. Two sisters, two continents, one name: Mama. Wouldn’t that be fun? (Perhaps someone else can come up with a wittier subline…)

Tigger has taught me so much that I have plenty to share, and I plan to post in the order thoughts come to mind (or jump off the pages of my written journal) because I know from experience that trying to post in order means I’ll never post at all. So stay tuned! And do comment with what you’d like to read about from the past 3+ months, because it just might inspire me to write 🙂


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