Buckwheat Breakfast

Buckwheat Groats

Baba brought home a sack of a new-to-us grain today: buckwheat. We’re used to buckwheat flour, common around here for delicious buckwheat cakes (dipped in honey, yum!), but had never tried the grain itself (called buckwheat “groat” when it’s raw). We’ve been experimenting with various whole grains, eating Hasty Pudding (cooked cornmeal) for breakfast and brown rice with lunch and dinner, so we’re going to mix things up with buckwheat.

I’ve got a cup of buckwheat soaking in a cup of water and 1 Tbsp vinegar right now. I prefer to soak grains in yogurt, but we’re out. I don’t know if that’s actually the right ratio for buckwheat, but it’s what I do with oats, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ll cook it for breakfast tomorrow using this yummy-sounding recipe I found on Megan’s Musings. I’d also like to try a granola, but haven’t found a recipe I like yet (well, one on MittenMachen looks delicious, but I don’t have half the ingredients), and I’m not clear on whether you’re supposed to soak then toast, or toast then soak, or choose one but not both… any ideas?



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6 responses to “Buckwheat Breakfast


    I have been changing up our diet with new and different food items. today, i just read about the different whole grains and what I could use them with in cooking or baking. Also, Giada on the Food Network made a cheesy whole grain dish that looked delicious. She actually used Farrah, which is very similar to Buckwheat. She soaked the grains in boiling chicken broth, added a cheesy mixture to the drained grains, and baked it. Giada had it as a side dish to her turkey meatloaf. Something that I am definitely going to try this week.

    • Ooo, sounds good! I don’t think we have Farrah here, but if it’s similar, I might try soaking the buckwheat in chicken broth. Could make a nice side with dinner. Let me know how yours turns out!

  2. Kathleen

    How was it?

  3. RC

    I need to come take cooking classes from y’all!
    Happy Birthday!

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