Mama of a 3mo

Guess how old this little cutie is?

12 weeks old! It turned cold for a few days, so we got to experience footie pajamas.I was contemplating the ways my life has changed since Tigger came along, and came up with one way to identify the Mama of a 3-month-old for each month:

  • has the words to “Goodnight Moon” memorized
  • living room strung with teensy clothes
  • considers 6:30am ‘sleeping in’

We’ll see whether I can keep this up and do four at four months, and so on!



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14 responses to “Mama of a 3mo

  1. I also consider 6:30am “sleeping in”…especially now that we have sheer white curtains on the windows of our eastward-facing bedroom.

    p.s. she’s so cute!! does she like her elephant?

  2. favorite aunt Suzy

    Don’t think it gets any better as they get older. I awoke at 7:00 this “lazy summer morning” to the sound of ping-pong balls hitting the family room wall!

  3. Neither ping pong balls nor sunny windows sounds like a great way to wake up, either! At least I get to wake to giggles and smiles 🙂

    Whitney, thanks, and she does… we call the elephant “Blue Bell” and will have to post a photo!

  4. Saruskabeth

    I’m lucky, I guess. I sleep until 7:00 every morning. Of course, I don’t get INTO bed until around 2:00am…

  5. Aleh

    I just enjoyed with you guys, but how i wish, i don’t have baby in my life….

  6. michaelovesme56

    The baby is so cute. I really love this blog.

  7. naruto0506

    The baby in this photo looks so tiny and cuddly.

  8. rain0506

    Very cute baby, I really love his picture, he looks so beautiful and cuddly.

  9. Heather Anderson

    aww, so cute . I bet your babby will look like you in the future . Good luck with your kid, Take care.

  10. avatar0506

    Very cute baby that you post this blog. Thanks for sharing it. | 😛

  11. Daviz_J

    Great idea, this is what i did for my baby.

  12. generaltuko

    wow! hello there cute little one!! great post mother!! i salute mothers and nurses because they are the ones responsible for a child’s fragile heart!! thanks for sharing this!

  13. diamond56

    Cute little angel, wish I have one also in the future.

  14. Ilianie

    Oh how cute 🙂 adorable baby! anyway thanks for sharing..

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