Mattress Contest!

by LoriAnn

Our family is one of three finalists in a contest to win a memory foam mattress! The hosting site invited us to ask family and friends to join in the voting, so please do so at their blog here. Thanks a bunch!

Because we had so much fun putting together our entry, I’ve included our story below. How do you like it?

Once upon a time, a young couple fell in love and were married. They were a happy family, and enjoyed spending time together day and night. One day, they had a little baby. Everyone was happy that this new little one had joined their family! Their new family of three moved to China so Baba could study at a University. The concrete walls in their new apartment were too thick to hear if the baby cried out from a different room, so Baby spent each night with Baba and Mama. Baby was a wonderful sleeper, so the whole family should have slept soundly and comfortably.

There was only one problem. Baba woke every day with a sore back. Mama woke every day with achy joints. And Baby, whose little side-bed had a mattress only an inch thick, still got a better night’s rest than Baba or Mama! So baby woke up with big, eager eyes, ready to meet an exciting day. But Baba felt tired. And Mama felt tired. All day long, Baba and Mama took care of happy Baby, but Baba and Mama weren’t quite so happy. The one problem? Even though it was the softest in the store, their mattress wasn’t much superior to their tile floor!

They tried all sorts of tricks. First, they bought two layers of quilt batting from the market to lay under their sheets. But the batting was full of yucky allergens, so poor Baby sneezed all night, and Baba and Mama still woke sore and achy. Second, they got a very soft comforter from the supermarket down the street. But they just sank into it, and woke sore and achy still. Third, they went to another market and bought a thick foam mattress pad. Besides the fact that it was too narrow for their bed, which made the sleeping arrangements even more cramped, it didn’t seem to help at all. And it acted like a dust magnet, making Baby sneeze all night again! Fourth, they asked for fancy pillows from America to be shipped to them as birthday presents. But even the fluffy pillows did nothing to relieve their sleeping woes!

Baba and Mama took Baby shopping to expensive furniture stores with imported mattresses. But by the time the mattresses had arrived at their part of the country, the shipping charges built into the prices made them way too expensive for this young student family!

Sore Baba and achy Mama didn’t know what to do. Every night, they dreamed about a soft mattress — or, they would have dreamed, if they had a moment between their tossing and turning!

Finally, Baba and Mama read about a beautiful company named SlumberMAXX which wanted their dreams to come true. Baba gleamed at the thought of a night without tossing or soreness. Mama sighed at the thought of waking without achy joints. And Baby giggled at the thought of a happy, well-rested Baba and Mama to play with her every day… and no more sneezing!
Baba, Mama, and Baby hope that all of our wishes will come true. Please vote for our entry so we can have a large-enough, comfortable and supportive, and hypoallergenic-covered mattress for our new little family! 谢谢!



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2 responses to “Mattress Contest!

  1. Beverly Holt

    I loved Lori Ann and the
    Gregory Family Story. I vote for them. It was a very creative way to tell their story.

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