Shopping Girl?

by LoriAnn

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a “loves-to-shop” kind of girl; I especially dislike clothes shopping. I DO, however, really enjoy shopping consignment and thrift stores, used book stores, and yard sales. Something about getting a really good deal, and interacting with small business owners, makes shopping suddenly okay.

Sadly, I have yet to find a consignment, thrift, or used book store, and have only been to one yard sale, in China. The good news is that my town is FULL of small shops, run by individuals and families, which is a lot of fun. Snack, craft, and stationary shopping are my favorites. But when I have extra spending (i.e. birthday!) money and CAN’T buy something here, I turn to the internet.

So, since I’ve made some really fun purchases online lately (birthday money to spend, remember?) and wanted to share about them. Feel free to ask for more details in the comments!

How to Cook Without a Book, at Better World Books — I like shopping here because their shipping is cheap (free in U.S., $3.97 overseas), the used book prices are great, and they donate proceeds to charities promoting literacy!

a Nursing Necklace, from KatManDew Designs‘ shop on Etsy — I haven’t received it yet but I’ll write a review when I do, and we’ll be hosting a giveaway all throughout the month of September!

5 patterns from OhSoCharming‘s shop on Etsy — planning to sew some more nursing-friendly shirts for myself because clothing’s hard for me to buy in China (you know, ‘cuz I’m so HUGE!! well, I am here); also got a pattern to sew a gift for Baba

adorable fabric on TaoBao — TaoBao is like China’s or eBay. I was so proud that my Chinese was good enough to navigate through the buying process!

nature sounds (white noise) mp3 from Amazon — just 99cents for almost an hour and a half of relaxing thunder, ocean, and rain sounds, planning to try this out on Tigger (and myself)!

Leg Huggers from Agoo, with 55% off discount from — besides the legwarmers being great for EC and absolutely adorable, Totsy plants a tree in Peru in Tigger’s name to offset the carbon emissions from the shipping! edit: Such a good sale, but they don’t ship to China. Ah, well. I’ll have to knit some more myself!

Teething Necklace from Amber for Sale — I’ll let you know how well this one works, too; another purchase for Tigger 😀

Chinese Wildlife, Make Your Place, & Families Where Grace Is In Place from — a bookstore with free worldwide shipping; what can beat that!? edit: They don’t ship to China, either! 😦 I didn’t get to purchase the books after all. And they were on such good sales, and all from my wishlist! I emailed the company to ask about shipping to China; we’ll see what happens.

What fun buys or great deals have you found lately? What are your favorite things to shop around for? Clearly, mine are books, craft supplies (fabric especially!), and my newest hobby: stuff for Tigger!


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