RAK or Miracle?

by LoriAnn


The first time Baba and I came to China, we decided to visit a tourist town near where we live now. Our Chinese skills weren’t great at the time, so arriving in night’s darkness and pouring down rain wasn’t exactly what we’d had in mind. I saw a taxi stand so we went over to it, and a car (not a taxi) pulled up with a few young men in it. The driver surprised us by asking in English, “Where are you going?”

We showed him a map from the Inn we’d reserved rooms at, and he nodded, “Get in.” Too surprised to be scared, we did. He dropped off the guys (his friends) and parked at the entrance to narrow cobblestone alleys. “We’ll have to walk from here.” He  walked us through the red lantern-lit maze that is ancient Chinese towns, asking directions here and there, and always keeping us sheltered from the cold rain. We finally arrived at the Inn — a location we’d never have found even in dry daylight — and he started to leave without saying a word. We insisted on paying for the ride, though he tried to refuse, and he wouldn’t take our umbrella despite the heavy rain still flooding the streets. I still wonder whether he was just a kind man, or someone special placed to meet our need that night.

When I was about 8.5 months pregnant, I went to Goodwill and picked up a skirt for the birth and a few toys for Tigger. The lady in the check-out line next to us paid for her order, and just as we got up to the counter, said “I’m paying for them too.” I was really surprised and only managed, “Oh!” She just shrugged and smiled, and didn’t respond when we thanked her. We felt good all day, but never could decide what would have motivated her to pay for us. Perhaps a nudge from Above?

After living in China about 6 months, I began missing English books to read. I couldn’t find them reasonably priced, and shipping from the U.S. can be so expensive. In the mail one day came an almost completely shredded up box — in it were two (very large) novels I’d wanted to read! Strangely, the package label said it was from the publisher’s warehouse in China, and was addressed to my address here — in Chinese! I didn’t even know my OWN address in Chinese at the time, so I can guarantee I’d never given it to anyone. I contacted the publisher and asked if I had won a contest or something. They checked around but got back to me saying they had no idea how the books got sent to me or why, but that I should just enjoy them.

What miracles/kindnesses have you encountered in your life? Share here so we can all encourage one another! I’ll comment with more as I think of them, too.


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  1. Saruskabeth, you’ve posted some good ones on facebook in the past, I know you’ve got some to share here!!

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