September Giveaway: Nursing Necklace

Kat from KatManDew Designs is giving away this Turquoise Mama Nursing Necklace to one lucky MamaWit reader at the end of September! Find out how to enter all throughout the month.

How to Enter

There are two ways to enter… and you can do so over and over all month long!

  1. Comment with something relevant on any other MamaWit post, any day this month (September 2010). So that I can contact the winner, you have to type in your e-mail address when you leave your comment. Don’t worry, other readers can’t see it.
  2. Link to any September MamaWit post on your blog or in a tweet. If it doesn’t automatically send a “pingback” (which would show up with the comments), comment on THIS POST with the link. You can do this as many times as you would like, as long as all the links are different.

Show Some Love!

Check out Kat’s shop, KatManDew Designs, to thank her for sponsoring this giveaway! I love her jewelry philosophy: “Most of my jewelry is designed to be worn anytime. I have a tendancy to wear the same thing out to dinner that I wore all day.” And I’m loving a similar nursing necklace I’ve been trying out with Tigger this month, which I’ll be reviewing later this week.

Only one person can win the free necklace, but if you fall in love with it or any of her other jewelry, you can order from her shop!

How to Win

At the end of September, I’ll use a computer randomizer to pick one comment out of all the qualified ones. The person who left that comment, assuming I can get to a contact e-mail address easily enough, will be messaged for a mailing address. That person’ll have 1 week to respond, then Kat will mail the prize or choose a new winner. Kat has been gracious enough to open this contest internationally, so Mamas worldwide are all welcome to enter!

The Fine Print

Let’s not be picky here. We’re nice Mamas hosting a fun giveaway. No challenging me, claiming it’s not fair, or any other nonsense. It’s up to us what is considered a “qualifying” and “relevant” comment.

One thing, though: sorry Saruskabeth, but you and I can’t win!

Mama Challenge

Comment here with the link to a blog entry where you’ve linked to a September MamaWit post! It’s an extra entry to the giveaway 🙂

If your etsy or other shop would like to offer an item for a giveaway to MamaWit readers, contact me. I’m looking for one item to give away each month, which promotes your shop as I mention the contest in each post that month.



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4 responses to “September Giveaway: Nursing Necklace

  1. Kathleen

    I’m very curious about the function of the Nursing Necklace…I was looking at the website, and there seems to be one, but I’m not quite clear on it. Anyone?

  2. I wear mine as jewelry that is both safe for Tigger and she can’t break it. I can also lengthen it when nursing (she’s at the age where she wants to tug on things while nursing, and it’s more comfortable if it’s a necklace instead of my skin or hair!) for her to hold, and when she’s in the back carrier I also swing it around for her to be distracted from pulling out my hair 😀

    But I’m sure some other Mamas have more experience with it, so I’ll let them respond too!

  3. I haven’t used one, myself, but I know that one purpose it serves is to provide a sense of comfort that can transcend the nursing stage. It draws baby’s attention while nursing, and she will become accustomed to and comforted by the sight and feel of it. Later, when the weaning process starts, the necklace can provide that sense of comfort as it reminds her of the intimacy of nursing. If you practice long term breastfeeding, then she can even wear it herself when she begins activities away from home and Mom for short periods of time, and in that way, she brings a little bit of Mama with her. 🙂

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