Tigger’s Nursing Necklace

Kat from KatManDew Designs is giving away a Turquoise Mama Nursing Necklace to one lucky MamaWit reader at the end of September!

Find out how to enter all throughout the month.

by Lori Ann

Filling Mama's big shoes...

Kathleen’s comment on the September Giveaway post this morning reminded me… it’s time for my promised review of a KatManDew Designs nursing necklace I’ve been using with Tigger over the past month! I thought it would be fun to style my review in a way many moms can connect with; simple, clear, and to-the point: the ABCs.

Affordable: I first heard about nursing necklaces on my favorite online parenting forum, but when I started searching online, about half of them were out of my price range. Kat’s jewelry is much more affordable for me, something all Mamas can appreciate!

Baby-friendly: This is jewelry for Mama to wear, not baby. But it’s not only baby-safe (baby won’t break it, drool won’t harm it), it’s baby-friendly! Tigger gets as much enjoyment out of it as I do, whether holding it while nursing (it keeps her hands occupied on things other than pinching my skin or pulling my hair!), playing with it while in the back carrier (especially when I’m on a short outing and didn’t bring a bag with toys), or rubbing her poor teething gums along the cool stone.

Cute: Another almost half of the nursing necklaces I found online were, frankly, ugly. In an effort to be baby-safe, they had gone with unnatural materials like plastics, which all showed a telltale line around the rim where the mold had been. I wear a necklace for myself too, and a real stone is SO much more beautiful than colored plastic!

D, E, F, G? If you’ve used a nursing necklace, what were the benefits you found? If you haven’t used one, what questions do you have? Remember that every comment this month is an entry to the giveaway, so don’t be shy!



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3 responses to “Tigger’s Nursing Necklace

  1. Kathleen

    I have a question about B-Baby Friendly: If she is playing with it in the backpack carrier, doesn’t that choke you? or do you take it off and give it to her? Also, I think I saw her wearing a necklace (amber maybe?) in a picture, what is that?

  2. I have never used a nursing necklace. I’ve always wondered if they really are comfortable. Doesn’t it rub your neck funny when she pulls on it?

  3. Hey Kathleen, looks like my comment never went through. I don’t take it off when she’s in the back carrier, but I slide the knots to lengthen it enough so that she can play with it and it doesn’t hurt or choke me. The amber necklace is different, it’s for babies to wear, and short enough she can’t play with it or get it in her mouth… instead, it releases a mild and natural analgesic to help reduce pain/swelling associated with teething.

    Brannan, it doesn’t seem to rub my neck, I’ve always been surprised at how it doesn’t hurt when she pulls really hard and suddenly. Maybe the cord is specially made? The only time it is uncomfortable is when I’m adjusting it back to the shorter length I prefer wearing it at, if I don’t pay attention I cinch some of the hair from my ponytail, haha. But I’m kind of clumsy like that!

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