Tigger’s Booties

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by LoriAnn

Those are MY feet!

I previously mentioned Tigger loving her bootie rattles because I wanted to post a video of her playing with them — it’s so cute! She hasn’t quite figured out that those are her feet. However, every time we turn on the video camera, she suddenly stops whatever she was doing. So, until we sneak up on her with her noticing, you’ll just get this photo (for which I had to hide the camera behind her while she played!). Thanks, Suzy, for the gift, she loves it!


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One response to “Tigger’s Booties

  1. She’s so purty! My kids’ feet never fit in those booties…I’m starting to realize just how monstrous Bruce feet must be. Madison wears size 4; none of the babies her age at the daycare wear bigger than twos. I choose to believe it just means she’ll be tall. ^_^

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