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by Lori Ann

Bookshelves Filled


full shelves

after (now)

I’ve been thinking about the word “full” a lot lately. It can mean so much:

  • “Ugh, my schedule’s really full… mind if I take a raincheck tonight? I really need to catch up in work…”
  • “My life is so full… I have a dear husband, a precious child, and rewarding experiences to fill my days.”

In the past, I only saw the first option. To have your days full, like to have your shelves full, was clutter. Distractions. Busy-ness. Something I wanted to avoid. I liked simplicity, squeaky clean and very neat. An orderly day’s schedule and a checklist with everything checked off.

But, as my days have gotten fuller… playing with Tigger, changing diapers, nursing, visiting children in nearby villages, doing laundry and dishes… I’ve often glanced at this bookshelf in a central area of our home. Like my days, it has grown much fuller over the past year. Parenting books, photographs, cards, and storybooks overfill the shelves. But something about it always makes me smile. It makes my life feel so full! Happy memories of a childhood in a home brimming with children. Always something going on, someone to play with. Full. And very happy about it.

Does your life feel full? Has it gotten more full over the years, and how do you feel about it? Is it chaos, or is it complete (one of the dictionary’s definitions)?



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2 responses to “Full

  1. charlotte

    Many years ago I found myself always thinking my life would be better as soon as I was past whatever the activity was that was consuming me at the moment. Then one day it occurred to me that these activities strung together were what made my life rich, and accepted the fact that it was o.k. if some of the things I thought must be done to perfection didn’t get done at all. It was this new realization that brought peace to my life and caused me to embrace the chaos that often comes with a full life. I’m glad to know that you have fullness in your life and wish you joy. God bless you.

    • Thank you for sharing, Charlotte… I too have struggled with “one day, this will change and my life will be better”… but as you said, these things ARE my life, and my life IS good and full. “Contentment” is my current pursuit 🙂

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