Kat, meet Kathleen

by Lori Ann

Thanks so much to Kat of KatManDew Designs for hosting our (*cough*) September giveaway! Thanks so much to everyone for being patient as I get things back together. I would apologize, but I have a whole “family first” philosophy that’s been going on in my brain which I’ll hash out here later. No one should be surprised by the winner (and I promise the host and winner are not the same people, they just have very similar names!), since her frequent comments comprised 70% of the entries. (*disclaimer: a random number generator was used to pick the winning comment… it just happened to be very fair!)

Kathleen, I’ll ask Kat to get in touch with you, and I hope you enjoy your win!



Filed under breastfeeding, Life

2 responses to “Kat, meet Kathleen

  1. Kathleen

    Thanks!! : )
    I think I’ll celebrate by finally trying to get a picture next to my name here…someone told me how once before, but I can’t seem to find it, so if you wouldn’t mind repeating the instructions, I will soon have a face!

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