Grassy Saturday

by Lori Ann

Tigger @ Park w/ Flower

We enjoyed a family day Saturday in a newly-opened park near our town. It was a cool, not-quite-rainy day, perfect for finding solace in mostly undisturbed nature — something hard to come by in China!

I didn’t let Tigger pick the flower, but we did let her crawl around in this open field to enjoy being immersed in the out of doors, wiggling her toes in the dirt and grass.

She also enjoyed eating the cucumber out of my picnic lunch!

Sandwich Picnic

How’d you enjoy your weekend?



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5 responses to “Grassy Saturday

  1. I had front row tickets to the first showing of a much anticipated puppet show at Paby and Dewy’s Super Awesome Theater of Stories, starring Paby and Dewy themselves. It was an amazing tale of a boy’s love for candy, and the resulting tooth decay. The deep, resonating lesson was one everyone in the audience could relate to: if you eat too much sugar, your teeth will fall out. There was also a cute blonde boy who kept peeking at me from under the curtain. πŸ˜€

  2. πŸ™‚ They remind me of us when we were kids. Remember drawing “TV shows” on those unpainted shelves we had? And Molly and Violet? The space station school? LOL. My memories from our childhood rarely involve toys; its always us kids playing some involved game. πŸ˜€

    • Yes! I also remember both “watching” the same episode of My Little Ponies… on the ceiling and bottom of the bunk bed at bedtime… and arguing over what had just happened!

      By the way, how did I miss that you bought a website!?

  3. lol. I did it spur of the moment. I was trying to journal, and kept having to stop to do something. I thought “Man, it would be so much easier if I could just type it up and…wait. I can.” I was going to do it via notepad or something similar, but since I’m so awesome and everything, I figured I could make a blog instead. I started a free blog, but was so limited on what I could do. I just stopped a 15$ a month subscription to something else, and figured I could handle a 17$ a year subscription to take its place. I mean…who needs groceries, anyway?

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