Halloween in China

Little Red Riding Hood Baby

Halloween in China?… It doesn’t exist.

Okay, so that’s probably not true. I live in very, very rural China with not a lot of connection to the outside world. I’m relatively sure noone where I live has ever heard of Halloween, so it is very easy for our family to not ‘celebrate’ it. Which doesn’t bother me any, because I personally don’t like the holiday: it feels to me too much a celebration of evil spirits, and though I love the idea of dressing-up (and don’t find anything wrong with those who participate in the fun!) I plan to just do costuming and dress-up make-believe play year round with Tigger.

Baba probably wouldn’t mind doing Halloween if we were in the U.S., but living among spirit-worshipers here, it all seems too serious to turn into a silly day. Then again, after we were together in rural Mexico one Halloween, where it was very hard to see the day as anything but worship of dead ancestors and the evil spirits trying to harm the living and the dead… well, it just puts a new and strange meaning to Halloween altogether.

Sorry for such a serious, not fun answer! As for some of the other questions:

* we did not dress Tigger up as anything (though a few weeks beforehand, we did see a Tigger jacket we considered getting! and unrelated whatsoever to Halloween, I dressed Tigger up as little red riding hood one day a few months ago when I was sewing some red fabric, thus the picture above)

* if we did, I’d want to handmake the costume, as I plan to do just for fun play when she’s older, since I love fabric and sewing and creativity and such! My grandma sewed me a Little House on the Prairie-style dress one year I still remember.

* Halloween is catching on in the larger cities in China, and it is a very gross, bloody, scary dress-up day for kids… no Dorothy and Tutu costumes! But no trick-or-treating, either.


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