Plinky #2

by Lori Ann


Question: “List three countries you’d like to visit.”

My answer: Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam.

I became fascinated with Myanmar after befriending “Joe,” a college exchange student in the same dorm as my then-boyfriend (now husband). Singapore and Vietnam are just next door here, and I’d love to see how the cultures are similar and dissimilar.

Your answer: ??
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3 responses to “Plinky #2

  1. Greg

    My Answer:

    China 😀
    South Africa

  2. Bill

    Three countries I’d (most) like to visit (not necessarily in order of preference):

    ISRAEL. I’d love to see the Holy Land, the Sea of Galilee, the temple mount, the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.

    CHINA. This country makes it to the top of the list since my daughter and her family live their, so I’d have a free tour guide!

    UNITED STATES. I know I live here, but there are many places in the US I have never been that I would love to see, and I won’t count the US as my 33% list completion unless I see some of those places.

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