February Food

by Lori Ann

Spring Festival Strawberries

chocolate-covered strawberries… which holiday?

February brought both 春节 (pronounced “choon-gee-eh,” meaning Spring Festival i.e. Chinese New Year’s) and Valentine’s Day, two holidays that in our house mean lots of food! Can you guess which foods were for which? You may be surprised!

Pecan-Banana-Raisin Rice PorridgePecan-Raisin-Rice Porridge… a recipe I created to make up for 1) having leftover rice and 2) not having anything prepared for breakfast!

vday cheese heartscheddar hearts... which holiday?

purple carrotsthe real reason your kids won’t eat their veggies? they’re nowhere near as awesome as ours! (purple carrots freshly harvested by Baba, the farmer, while i shaded Tigger on my back with our 7-year-old friend’s umbrella)

So what do you think — when did we eat the strawberries and hearts?

Let me know if you have any good recipes to share… right now I’m especially on the quest for healthy breakfasts, protein-rich snacks, an any-flavor muffin recipe (preferably with oats!), and cookies that aren’t TOO bad for me. Oh, and anything using sourdough starter, but that deserves it’s own post…



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4 responses to “February Food

  1. Favorite Aunt Suzy

    I am doing a 12 week fitness challenge with some gals at the hair salon I use and we have gotten some great advice from a personal trainer on the subject of high-protein/low fat foods. One of my favorites is chicken or turkey patties. We use it for an afternoon snack. 1 pound ground lean chicken or turkey, 1 egg white, 1/2 cup oats, and herbs and spices to taste. Mix together and form into 4 thin patties and brown with non-stick cooking spray. They taste great and I can even eat them on the go without re-heating. Our trainer says they are the perfect blend of protein and complex carbs. Canned tuna works also. She also suggested 1/4 cup of almonds and dried cranberries mixed together. I am having lots of fun and learning alot doing this challenge. 5 weeks in and I am down 13 pounds and up on tons of energy. I even started running on my treadmill this week(short burst mixed into my walk)!! I will send along new ideas as I learn them! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  2. Kathleen

    So…were the cheddar hearts for Valentines day? and the awesome carrots, um…Spring Festival? I am hoping to grow some carrots like that this summer, they are called “Dragon” carrots.
    And the chocolate covered strawberries, I would guess valentines day again. So did Baby get to eat any of this yet? And how is chocolate in China? (might determine whether or not I ever visit… : D )

    • Cheddar hearts vday, carrots just for fun (Paul helped our friend harvest the early carrots; cool they’re called Dragon carrots!!), chocolate covered strawberries were actually for Spring Festival!!

      Tigger eats the carrots and tried a cheddar heart (she liked it; we weren’t sure since they were spicy). No chocolate or strawberries for her yet though 🙂

      Typical chocolate here is… umm… well it has a strange taste to it. But they do sell Dove, it’s just a little more expensive, but worth it for a treat 🙂

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