Fun in the City

by Lori Ann

thai food panda

We went out for Thai food and Tigger teethed on her panda from Aunt Suzy. She did eat some real Thai food, too; mostly just the cucumber garnishes but it was still fun! (i did feel bad for the waitresses, she’s not exactly a neat eater hehe!)

You can probably tell we’ve been having quite a busy year here — not much time for writing! I still want to keep everyone updated about Tigger and our life here, so I’ll share some highlights from our recent trip to the Big City (the capital of our province, about 1.5hr away, where we have to go occasionally for filing official paperwork and such).

hello kitty!Tigger and I got new matching (color) shirts while in the Big City (using Nana and Popi’s Christmas money gift, thanks!!)

mama & me in new shirtsTigger & me in our new matching shirts

Isn’t she getting big!?


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