10 in March

by Lori Ann


I haven’t had much time on the computer lately but have a read a few articles I’ve bookmarked to come back to:



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5 responses to “10 in March

  1. Kathleen

    Yes! Very interested in the course on composting. I tried it last summer, and once it thaws out I’ll know how it worked…(I have a compost “popsicle” in my back yard in a trash can!) but I’m always interested in more ideas.

  2. kathleen

    by the way, did you go one link farther on the second site you mentioned (the one about old fashioned games) to http://oldfashionedliving.com/treehouse.htm
    There are a lot of fun ideas there too!

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! We are contemplating a move to China from the states. 🙂

  4. Yes to the composting. My method is to toss things in there that aren’t meat or dairy, as well as the chicken manure. And that is as involved as I get. Would like to know more though!

  5. Great links! I am enjoying your posts and pics so much.

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