On the Fence

by Lori Ann

We’re on the Fence! What’s that mean? Well, we get this cute little logo to go on the side of our blog, for one. But more importantly, if you CLICK on it (above or on the side), we get a vote! It’s just a little, “I like MamaWit!” that probably doesn’t mean a lot but will make us feel good that you enjoy reading along as we journey through this adventure called parenting 🙂

How do you like our description for the Picket Fence website?

Two real-life sisters blog their parenting adventures, one from the mountains of rural China and the other from suburban southern United States. We share parenting advice, family activity ideas, recipes, photos, stories, and, most of all, our families.



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4 responses to “On the Fence

  1. kathleen

    Hey, the Picket Fence website looks kind of like a “google for blogs” like we were talking about earlier! and apparently you can vote every day? : )

  2. Kathleen

    I just noticed on the picked fence page that a reset is coming in a few days…we should encourage more people to vote for MamaWit!

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