by Lori Ann


No, we certainly did not find all of the above items under the couch at one time. No, Baba is not right 90% of the time when he answers “probably under the couch” to any “where is …?” question. No, Tigger does not hide plastic bottles like a puppy buries bones. No, there is not only one actual toy in the collection we found.

And, in case you weren’t sure: yes, this is a “Not-Me Monday*” post.

What did you absolutely NOT do today?

Mckmama- Not Me Monday



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2 responses to “Excavation

  1. Kathleen

    I love that! : ) but remember, anything is a toy if you make it one…

  2. I did not avoid doing the dishes that should have been two days ago. I also did not find a dirty diaper under Madison’s mattress, and I certainly did not let the children run around half naked all day long. (Denial is fun!)

    I love “Tigger does not hide plastic bottles like a puppy buries bones. ” My kids all three got bad about making what we called “nests” of things. They would gather the most random collection of odds and ends and hide them in particular places; Payten in the crevice between his bed and the wall, Dylan in their closet, Madison under an end table. So we bought them each a brightly colored ottoman that could be used as storage, and that’s where they keep their toys. Supposedly, this was going to help them feel like they had a place that was “their own” and make them less territorial. (and keep them from losing our important things like keys!) Instead, Madison intentionally drives the boys crazy by stealing their toys, putting it her toy box, and just WAITING for them to notice. When they finally do, she will squeal and giggle and stamp her little feet in sheer joy. Luckily, they have a pretty good sense of humor and rarely get mad…and I have to admit: It’s pretty cute!

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