Tigger’s Pregnancy

by Lori Ann

38 weeks

I just found out that a good friend of mine is pregnant, and decided to make this blog a little more useful to someone like her looking for pregnancy stories, advice, and photos! Here are the MamaWit posts from my pregnancy with Tigger:

Week-by-Week in First Trimester
10 weeks pregnant – introduction to MamaWit + photo
Week 11 – cravings & aversions, end of morning sickness, photo
Week 12 – picture & how I was feeling
Week 13 – on spicy food and the end of morning sickness; with photo
Week 14 – food cravings & exhaustion
First Trimester – collection of photos

Month-by-Month (I got too tired to post weekly!) in Second Trimester
Month 4 – weeks 16-19 (on maternity clothes, ultrasound, sleep trouble, baby room furniture, baby’s first kick, hunger, weight gain)
Month 5 – weeks 20-23 (on baby movements & growth spurts, plus more Mama weight gain!)
Month 6 – weeks 24-27 (flying back to the U.S., baby’s hiccups, and I’m definitely showing now!)
Second Trimester – collection of photos

Third Trimester
Month 7 – weeks 28-31 (met the midwife in person, seeing family, babymoon, first baby shower)
Month 9 – weeks 35-39 (was too tired to write, later posted photos including the day I went into labor!)

Other Posts from Tigger’s Pregnancy
Emotional Mama – pregnancy-induced crying moments
Gender Guessing – fun guesses based on science, wives’ tales, and Mama’s intuition!
She’s a She! – ultrasound results including 3d photo!
Babymoon – took a last “just the two of us” getaway
from snow to spring – more pregnant reflections
Baby gear – craft projects I made for Tigger while pregnant
Less than a month to go – reflections from about 3 weeks before her birth
catch-up – posted after her birth about being gone from MamaWit for two months!
RAK or miracle? – story of a random act of kindness from when I was pregnant with Tigger

Also, if you look at the top of any page on MamaWit, you see that there’s a new link to a page called “Pregnancy“. I’m using it to compile all the resources (books, online articles, my favorite baby development newsletter, and more) I loved during my pregnancy. You can comment there with more links you think I should read and add, too.

Let me know if there are other pregnancy or birth-related posts you’d like me to get up on this site and I’ll do my best!



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2 responses to “Tigger’s Pregnancy

  1. This is a great collection! I’ll be back in the day time to look back at them all. 🙂

  2. Christine

    How cool! P.S. You are so beautiful pregnant<3 I'm looking forward to reading all of these soon!

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