by Lori Ann

skies at dawn

6am. The air seems crisper, the sky meditative. Something about the still quiet seems to enter my body with each breath, helping me think clearer. No distractions, nowhere to go. Just my daughter and I, enjoying a new day together. Tickling, giggling, playing peek-a-boo. Quietly, so as not to wake Baba. Which makes it all the more fun, like a secret between just the two of us.

Tigger’s bedtime has been 7pm since she was 5 days older. As a newborn, she slept (barely interrupted by nursings) until 9am. As she got older, morning wake-up backed up to 8am, 7am. Now 6am.

And I couldn’t be happier.

What’s your morning routine? Is it dreaded or enjoyed?



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5 responses to “6am

  1. Kathleen

    Wow, that is early. Do you go to bed the same time as she does, or do you not need as much sleep? My morning routine has changed a lot lately, and I’m not totally settled in it yet…

    • She sleeps about 14 hours a day (11-12 hours at night and ~2 hour nap) so no, I don’t need anywhere as much sleep as her! It takes me quite awhile to settle into new routines. Did you change jobs?

  2. Kathleen

    Yes, I am left my job and am in the process of looking for a new career…so I do not have to get up as early as I used to, and have a lot more time for fun things like exercise. : )
    Does it take babies long to settle into new routines? I’ve heard they like them, once they’re settled…

    • In my experience both are true for Tigger – routines are really helpful for her (and me in taking care of her) but can take awhile to settle into new routines (probably quicker than me though, a week or two max). I hear it depends on the baby’s personality but for her, it’s helpful for her to know what comes next so she isn’t surprised and frustrated (one example is washing her hands — I used to do it just as I noticed the need and she always fussed about it but now that she’s eating more we do it after each meal, and now she walks from the dining table to the bathroom herself, gets up on her stool, and puts her hands in the sink without being upset about it)

      I haven’t posted in a while but have answers to some of your questions in the works (i.e. in my head, with photos on the camera, and notes in my paper notebook ;))

  3. Kathleen

    Take your time! I know you’re doing important work… : D
    That is so funny that she walks right to the sink. Guess routines are a really good idea!

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