by Lori Ann

wearing Baba's big shoes

We’re headed out for a 10-day trip to Hong Kong, applying for new visas and visiting several farms where we hope to learn more about organic methods. Thankful once again for my packing list, to which I just had to add “swimsuits” as we’re staying on an island! Just wait til we get back and you see photos of Tigger’s suit… let’s just say

We’re not made of Jell-O. We get behind a fellow. Black and yellow!



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8 responses to “Going

  1. favorite aunt Suzy

    Looks like you have gotten your money’s worth out of that Hello Kitty shirt, I see it in alot of photos!! Is it your favorite or Tigger’s?

  2. alison

    Haha this is so cute !!

  3. NardaLindsey

    Hi Lori, this is really cute and just wanted to say good luck on your trip HK it was a nice place. I can’t wait for any pictures.

  4. Abby

    This is so awesome, looks like this cute kid is really excited for the trip. Good luck and Have Fun!

  5. Xeanne

    So adorable and looks really excited for the trip. Don’t forget to bring your cam so that you can share your trip with us. Enjoy!

  6. We’re going to have to try again with the bumblebee suit in Thailand… Tigger wasn’t into the beach, but an indoor pool? I’ll be back in 2 weeks to let you all know 😉

  7. Rex Boerma

    Hello Lori Ann, happy traveling, well wait you here. Hope you’ve came back with lot’s of good stories.

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