Here to Go

by Lori Ann

Hong Kong 1

We’re back home from Hong Kong… and I’m writing this just in time before leaving on another trip, this one to Thailand. None of the 3 of us have ever been so we’re really excited!

I’ve revised my Packing List which I’ll post once we get back… traveling with a toddler requires different gear than a baby, I’ve discovered.

Meanwhile, here’re some shots from Hong Kong:

We shopped (clearly not Tigger’s favorite activity):

Hong Kong 2

We played:

Hong Kong 3

And, yes, we rested:


What travels have you done lately? Have you found traveling different with children than without?
I’ve learned a lot that I’ll post if we ever stop traveling enough to have time! If you have advice OR questions for a somewhat experienced traveller with a toddler, write in the comments.



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2 responses to “Here to Go

  1. Peter

    Awesome pics. You must have had a great time there. It’s a beautiful place to be around. Your last pic is so cool.

  2. Candice

    I’m sure the cutie baby really have fun during your trip. We can see how tired she is. LOL!

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