Gingerbread Village House

One of the ideas in our Advent Activity Jar is to invite someone over to build a gingerbread house.

advent activity jar: make gingerbread cookiesI myself had never actually built one, so it was a first for 3/4ths of our party.

gingerbread cookie stencilsExpert Paul made stencils for gingerbread men and shaped cookies (joined by the star and moon traced from his mom’s kit they used as children).

our gingerbread (village mud) house

see the resemblance?

see the resemblance?

Our house came out a bit rough… looking so much like the mud houses many villagers here live in.

real village houseThankfully theirs are a bit more stable though… we tried to leave the house unsupported long enough for a photo, and had a major cave-in.

holding it together...

... but, it collapsed

yeah, some of them look like they're falling apart too

well, eventually their houses fall apart...

Oh well… it was well worth the week it took to eat them up!

the week of cookies was good :)

leftover fragments a week later


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