Newborn Expectations

Our family’s growing again! We’re expecting to meet our second little one sometime around August or September this year. Thinking back on the last time I had a newborn, I remember how hard it was and attribute at least some of that to having no idea what to expect. This time, I’m going in prepared. I jotted down some of my expectations:

  • I expect baby to give us plenty of opportunities to bond, cuddle, and figure out breastfeeding together with at least 12 nursings a day, if not more. Yes, I’ll probably feel like all I do is breastfeed. I expect that.
  • I expect baby to need me at night just as much as during the day, and to wake several times each night for Mama’s comfort and milk.
  • I expect baby to teach me his/her way of communicating, even if it takes us awhile, and I expect the only way I’ll learn how to lovingly meet his/her needs is through lots of practice listening and responding to every cry.
  • I expect baby will be born with days and nights mixed up. We will get through it.
  • I expect days where “nothing works” and baby cries a lot. I expect to forgive myself when I feel like I’m doing everything wrong, knowing that as long as I’m trying to meet baby’s expressed needs, I’m doing what I should.
  • I expect to feel sleep deprived some days (I didn’t usually last time, thanks to her sleeping in our room right next to our bed, but there are always “those nights”).
  • I expect baby to take at least as long out of the womb as he/she spent inside it to adjust to living in this world. The first three months (“fourth trimester”) will probably seem especially hard. By the time baby’s as old as big sister (2), I’ll barely remember those days.
  • I expect to do a lot of praying.
  • I expect to learn as I go, realizing this baby isn’t the same as the one I’ve already parented, and expect that since God gave this baby to this Mama, I can feel comfortable listening to this Mama’s intuition.
  • I expect all these expectations will change, adjust, adapt, and develop along with our new little one.
  • I expect it will all be worth it as my heart grows another size bigger, I learn even more about putting the needs of the “least of these” before mine, and eventually get rewarded with that precious first smile.

What do you expect from a newborn?



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4 responses to “Newborn Expectations

  1. I expected learning how to nurse my second to be as hard as nursing my first. I wanted to go into the first few weeks with my game face on so that we could have a successful long-term nursing relationship. What I didn’t expect was that all I had learned from nursing Zuzu for 18 months would make nursing Eliza so much easier! All you wrote about nursing happened, but because it didn’t hurt, it was a joyful experience instead of a crying game.

  2. Chelyn24

    Expect the unexpected… An attitude of a baby is base on the guardian who raised him in the entire world, as a mother all I want is a goodness and healthy lifestyle for incoming years he made..

  3. Charrmagn

    This is a blessing to you and to the whole family, especially…Sooooo cute and adorable one…

  4. Ellai

    You are blessed with a beautiful baby!How I hope I can have an adorable baby soon…

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