One-Yard Wonders

One-Yard Wonders is my absolute favorite sewing book! I refer to the “Sewing Fundamentals” section all the time, and I made H’s pinafore for her first birthday and smock for her second from patterns in it. I’m also working on its fabric barn playhouse, and have more fabric from Kathleen I want to use for two of the toddler dresses. I’ve bookmarked the “Charging Station,” “Tabletop Ironing-board Cover” (since I burnt a hole in mine), “All-you-need Sewing Kit,” “Not-Ugly Car Trash Bag,” “Matt’s Map Bag,” “Convertible Craft Apron,” “Growth Chart,” and “Checkers to Go” to make over the next year or so. It’s rare I find a book with so many patterns I really like!



on her first birthday

Smock (more photos here):

SmockI’ll upload photos of the fabric barn playhouse when it’s done. For now, here’s one of it in progress, and links to some other people’s photos as well as the original tutorial published online.

Red Barn Fabric

can you see the barn emerging yet?

More Fabric Barn Playhouses:

Fabric BarnWhat’s your favorite craft book, sewing or otherwise? I love to have a list with me when I scour used bookshelves, which is where I found One-Yard Wonders!



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3 responses to “One-Yard Wonders

  1. Kathleen

    I checked this book out from the library and took a look at it this week. It does have a lot of really fun patterns, but I tried a bird, from the bird mobile project, and the directions were pretty tricky to understand. I feel like she’s writing for a more experienced sewer. : ) (is that a word??) Can’t wait to see your barn!

    • Aw, that’s no fun! I think the book is a compilation of submissions from many crafters so probably the quality of directions aren’t consistent, and there probably isn’t a way to tell in advance how good a certain one is (I always think sewing directions are confusing until I’m to that step, so it wouldn’t help to just read in advance). I know the bird mobile you’re talking about though, it is cute… but with your warning I probably won’t try it šŸ˜‰

    • On another note, where DO you get your craft patterns?

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