the Smock

Me @ 17 months

me at 17 months

My sister was born when I was just over 18 months old. When I was admitted to see my mom and first sibling, the story goes, I gave a brief “uh-huh” to the new baby and  launched into telling my mom about the hospital gown they’d put over my clothes. “Horsie,” I pointed out, and “horsie,” all over the gown. (I’m probably getting this all wrong, but that’s how I remember it).

Stylin'I don’t actually remember that scene, but for some reason each time I hear the story I see in my mind an art smock I had as a preschooler. It was red, soft, and covered in cowboys, horses, and lassos. I liked it a lot. I’ll share a photo if I ever find one 🙂

So of course, now that my own daughter is getting into messy arts, it was time for her first smock. I had a fabric my friend had mailed me (thanks, Kathleen!) that I knew needed to become something wearable for H, but only once I saw the smock pattern in One-Yard Wonders (my favorite sewing pattern book) did I decide on what. I meant for it to be a birthday present (a month away), but of course I needed her to try it on, and of course she fell in love with it and filled it with (literally) every pen in her coloring box, so of course she gets it early. 🙂





SillyThe silly faces at the end are the result of her figuring out that whatever she does will end up on the little screen on the other side of the camera. 😀 Toddlers are so fun.



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5 responses to “the Smock

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  2. Kathleen

    oh my goodness, you made that?! it looks wonderful, congratulations! It’s not waterproof, is it? I love how all the pens fit in the little pockets in front.

  3. Mirana

    She is soooo adorable.. I agree that toddlers really is so fun! 🙂 Excellent shots for capturing such a wonderful smile..

  4. Cley

    Cute smock gown! Really fits tho to your daughter! Thanks for sharing this.. Keep up the good work!

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