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Mama’s Tales: Santa

by Lori Ann

Our family does not “do” Santa.

'Ol Saint Nick
Creative Commons License photo credit: Brett Holt

That’s kind of a strange phrase, and I know it means different things to different people, but here’s my take on the truth about Santa: he was (probably) a real person, and he followed Jesus (we think), but he is no longer alive on earth, and so he does not pass out gifts today.

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ATo2M: Santa

Holiday decorations
Creative Commons License photo credit: bunnygoth

To Santa or not to Santa? That’s our December “A Tale of Two Mamas” question. But what else can we answer for you about Christmas traditions in our homes in America and China? Respond with whatever you’re interested in us sharing about!

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Halloween in China

Little Red Riding Hood Baby

Halloween in China?… It doesn’t exist.

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ATo2M #1: Halloween

by Lori Ann

doofus pumpkin - Halloween 2010
Creative Commons License photo credit: John DeMarco

Hi all! Our November topic is Halloween. If you’ve forgotten, the idea behind ATo2M (A Tale of Two Mamas) is for us each — two different people raising two different families and living on two different continents in the context of two different cultures — to answer the same questions asked by all of you. So start asking! What do you want to know about parenting in China, parenting 3 in 3 years, or anything else about us and our families?

Since this is the first one, here’re some ideas to get your brain churning:

“Are you okay with your kids dressing as witches?”
“What did they dress up as this year?”
“Handmade or store-bought?”
“What do your neighbors think of Halloween?”
“Is Halloween commonly celebrated, and what does it look like?”

Ask away!


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ATo2M – Lori Ann’s Topic Brainstorming

by Lori Ann

Hiking through the Stone Forest

ATo2M (A Tale of Two Mamas) is the series we’re about to embark on in order to give you a glimpse into the similarities and differences of our lives with different families living in different cultures. Sorry if there’s overlap with Saruskabeth’s post, I promised myself not to peek first. Please comment with your own topics to add as well as questions for us to answer that could fit into each topic. For an example (and to post questions for us to answer in our first ATo2M posts!), see the Halloween post next week.

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