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Gingerbread Village House

One of the ideas in our Advent Activity Jar is to invite someone over to build a gingerbread house.

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Corn (Pan)Cakes



This Pancake Saturday, I tried out a new recipe for corn (pan)cakes. Tasty and filling!

I’m still on a hunt for more pancake recipes for our weekly Pancake Saturdays. Share what you like!


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Dutch (Oven) Pancakes

by Lori Ann

Dutch Pancake

I had never heard of Dutch Pancakes (also called Oven Pancakes) until I searched for pancake recipes using lots of eggs. They fluff it up nicely, resulting in a texture similar to french toast. Baba hates eggs but loves this recipe, so it makes its rounds for our weekly pancake breakfasts!

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by Lori Ann

I’ve been getting into the kitchen more now that Tigger’s old enough to either play with pots on the floors or entertain herself on my back. Here’re some things we’ve cooked up this year so far… let me know which dishes look good and I’ll try and get a recipe post up for them 🙂


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Pancake Saturday

by Lori Ann

Sourdough Pancakes


Dutch Pancake


Buckwheat Pancakes


I make pancakes every Saturday morning for breakfast and am having a ton of new fun trying and inventing new recipes. I wanted to tease with some recent photos to encourage everyone to bug me until I remember to post the recipes.

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Village Baby

Lori Ann

Yi baby headpiece

We’re spending more and more time with our friends in the countryside, which is a ton of fun, lets us devote up to 13 hours a day to immersed language study, and lets Tigger spend most of her time in her favorite place, the great outdoors!

Of course, it also means less time online, which ironically equals less time sharing about what we’re doing (ironic because it makes it look like we aren’t doing anything!). Also ironically, though we’re doing what we love most, we more often forget to pull out the camera; I told my dad a few weeks ago it seems the moments that matter most are the ones I never think to record!

So, though there are only a few, I thought I’d share some village highlights from last month. I haven’t uploaded this month’s yet but will share once I do!

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Buckwheat Breakfast Recipe

Kat from KatManDew Designs is giving away a Turquoise Mama Nursing Necklace to one lucky MamaWit reader at the end of September!
Find out how to enter all throughout the month.

by Lori Ann

buckwheat breakfast

After months of experimenting with buckwheat, I’ve finally developed my perfect buckwheat recipe. I can’t wait til Tigger is old enough to eat it! Click “more” below to read it and try it out for yourself.

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