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by Lori Ann


No, we certainly did not find all of the above items under the couch at one time. No, Baba is not right 90% of the time when he answers “probably under the couch” to any “where is …?” question. No, Tigger does not hide plastic bottles like a puppy buries bones. No, there is not only one actual toy in the collection we found.

And, in case you weren’t sure: yes, this is a “Not-Me Monday*” post.

What did you absolutely NOT do today?

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by Lori Ann

Bookshelves Filled


full shelves

after (now)

I’ve been thinking about the word “full” a lot lately. It can mean so much:

  • “Ugh, my schedule’s really full… mind if I take a raincheck tonight? I really need to catch up in work…”
  • “My life is so full… I have a dear husband, a precious child, and rewarding experiences to fill my days.”

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Clothes: Less is More

2 weeks + orange shirt

Guess what I did today!? I got dressed out of my CLOSET!! It’s the first time since before Tigger’s birth that my clothes didn’t come straight from the suitcase!

Umm, yes, that means it’s taken me over 2 weeks to unpack. Just yesterday did we manage to finish unpacking, and now my clothes are in my closet!

The first thing I realized when unpacking was that I didn’t have enough hangers for everything. At one point in my life, that would have meant going out to buy new hangers. These days, as I pursue contentment in what I own, I find ways to pass along excess, and to make use of ‘waste’.

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