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Here to Go

by Lori Ann

Hong Kong 1

We’re back home from Hong Kong… and I’m writing this just in time before leaving on another trip, this one to Thailand. None of the 3 of us have ever been so we’re really excited!

I’ve revised my Packing List which I’ll post once we get back… traveling with a toddler requires different gear than a baby, I’ve discovered.

Meanwhile, here’re some shots from Hong Kong:

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by Lori Ann

wearing Baba's big shoes

We’re headed out for a 10-day trip to Hong Kong, applying for new visas and visiting several farms where we hope to learn more about organic methods. Thankful once again for my packing list, to which I just had to add “swimsuits” as we’re staying on an island! Just wait til we get back and you see photos of Tigger’s suit… let’s just say

We’re not made of Jell-O. We get behind a fellow. Black and yellow!


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Plinky #2

by Lori Ann


Question: “List three countries you’d like to visit.”

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Sorry & What-a-Month…

by Lori Ann

I was so prepared. I planned carefully. Made arrangements. Scheduled ahead. And then things fell apart.

China Chopstick Baby

I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging! Especially with regards to not announcing the contest winner! Because this is my blog and some of you are interested in my personal life, here’s an explanation that isn’t intended to be an excuse…

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Packing List

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Find out how to enter all throughout the month.

by Lori Ann

A true traveler

We’ll be out of town for a little over a week when this post appears, so as I’m writing it I’m thinking of the necessary preparations. We travel a lot, usually by bus, so packing and packing light are a well-practiced art. Our packing list did double when Tigger came around (or so it seems!), but thankfully her belongings are very small.

Here’s our list. What’s key for smooth traveling for your family?

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Travel the Path

Took a trip to the Stone Forest (石林) again! This time, I figured I’ve save the stone postings, and share some other amusements instead.

A path through the forest.

I’d like to make a banner image from it – it seems relevant as my path, adventure, trail, journey, pilgrimage, or whatever as I travel and live. But it’s pretty much sideways. Any ideas? You can try it out by taking the image from flickr (it’s Creative Commons licensed, you just have to attribute it to me and this blog) and comment with a link to the result. Actually, I’d love to do a rotating banner, but apparently that’s not possible without knowledge of CSS?

These fish in one of the ponds get so excited about the feed from visitors, they jump out of the water to get it! You’d think they don’t get fed 30 times a day… (which, at 2元 a bag, of course they do!) Getting splashed is half the fun.

And, last but not least, a great sign. Because who can resist, when you’re being called an angel and not merely a traveler?

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