Chopstick Baby

chopstick babyMy baby can use chopsticks. She’s 20 months old. I can’t wait to see all she’ll do in the next 20 years!


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Resolution: 2012

Resolutions 2012Do this: write down something for which I’m grateful… (almost) every day.

(using this free pdf or free app)

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Birth Story

When H was less than 2 months old, I wrote out her birth story to share with my friend Kathleen. I’m really glad I did, because almost 2 years later the details are not as clear in my memory as they were then!

Since then, several people have asked for our daughter’s birth story and I’ve always meant to post it online to have a link to share. So, here it is!

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Winnie the Pooh“Why don’t you read to her – Winnie the Pooh – that way you’ll both enjoy it?” I encouraged Baba who was frustrated with bedtime the week before Christmas. Secretly I know I can use the extra few minutes for the almost-finished “Christmas pajamas” hiding in my sewing desk.

PJ PantsI finish his pants to the background sound of the first chapter of that classic, then scramble to hide it behind my sewing shoebox when his voice stops. The instructions go in the drawer so as not to reveal any clues – he only knows she’s getting new pajamas (but hasn’t seen them either; they’re the same fabric). Oh, how I love this handmade Christmas.

Hans Brinker or the Silver SkatesHe leaves her room – she’s asleep after just one chapter – “Did you know Winnie-the-Pooh’s name is EDWARD!?” I smile. The night before, I finished our chapter of Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates and she smiled up at me, handed me the book she’d been looking through, and waved “night-night.” Surprised, I returned the good-night and left her room. Not a peep out of her, even when her music stopped playing. Bedtime, as with everything else in our daughter’s 20 months so far, just keeps getting better and better.

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December Days

little shoeshow is it that letting go
of what I wanted to make me happy
shows me the happiness I sought?

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Gingerbread Village House

One of the ideas in our Advent Activity Jar is to invite someone over to build a gingerbread house.

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Cold Day

I woke at 7:15 this morning to a little girl with a strange idea that we leave our warm blankets. I was reluctant but she was convincing with a sign language announcement that it was time to go potty, so off went the covers and on came my warmest house slippers. Not warm enough.

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