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Me @ 17 months

me at 17 months

My sister was born when I was just over 18 months old. When I was admitted to see my mom and first sibling, the story goes, I gave a brief “uh-huh” to the new baby and  launched into telling my mom about the hospital gown they’d put over my clothes. “Horsie,” I pointed out, and “horsie,” all over the gown. (I’m probably getting this all wrong, but that’s how I remember it).

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baby blanket

I began this blanket when I was pregnant in March. After the miscarriage I put it aside for awhile, but picked it back up a few weeks ago, though I’m not pregnant now. Hopes are made of baby blankets, sometimes. I’ve come quite aways since then (well, considering it’s my first blanket and I’m still quite horrible with the sewing machine).

I got the blanket pattern from Doodle Stitching, sketched it in my preferred colors in my Inside/Outside book, and took the embroidery pattern from a different project in the same book to replace the original design. I think it’ll look great!

Anyone know where in China to buy thin batting?

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