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by Lori Ann


I just woke up to Tigger’s bedtime alarm — you know, the one that is set to 6:45pm to remind us it’s time to BEGIN bedtime. I rolled over, and she was lying on the floor next to me, still steadily breathing despite the sound. I rose to quiet the alarm and she stirred a little but was quieted back into a deep slumber with just a little dream nursing. I know this probably means she’ll wake early (before 7) tomorrow morning, but the same would happen if she woke now and didn’t get to bed for the night til 8:30 or 9, so she might as well continue to rest.

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Kat, meet Kathleen

by Lori Ann

Thanks so much to Kat of KatManDew Designs for hosting our (*cough*) September giveaway! Thanks so much to everyone for being patient as I get things back together. I would apologize, but I have a whole “family first” philosophy that’s been going on in my brain which I’ll hash out here later. No one should be surprised by the winner (and I promise the host and winner are not the same people, they just have very similar names!), since her frequent comments comprised 70% of the entries. (*disclaimer: a random number generator was used to pick the winning comment… it just happened to be very fair!)

Kathleen, I’ll ask Kat to get in touch with you, and I hope you enjoy your win!


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Tigger’s Nursing Necklace

Kat from KatManDew Designs is giving away a Turquoise Mama Nursing Necklace to one lucky MamaWit reader at the end of September!

Find out how to enter all throughout the month.

by Lori Ann

Filling Mama's big shoes...

Kathleen’s comment on the September Giveaway post this morning reminded me… it’s time for my promised review of a KatManDew Designs nursing necklace I’ve been using with Tigger over the past month! I thought it would be fun to style my review in a way many moms can connect with; simple, clear, and to-the point: the ABCs.

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Shopping Girl?

by LoriAnn

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a “loves-to-shop” kind of girl; I especially dislike clothes shopping. I DO, however, really enjoy shopping consignment and thrift stores, used book stores, and yard sales. Something about getting a really good deal, and interacting with small business owners, makes shopping suddenly okay.

Sadly, I have yet to find a consignment, thrift, or used book store, and have only been to one yard sale, in China. The good news is that my town is FULL of small shops, run by individuals and families, which is a lot of fun. Snack, craft, and stationary shopping are my favorites. But when I have extra spending (i.e. birthday!) money and CAN’T buy something here, I turn to the internet.

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Discipline or Love

by LoriAnn

Discipline is forcing yourself to drink fluids when you’re vomiting over and over again because you know you’re supposed to stay hydrated. Love is forcing yourself to drink fluids despite the vomiting because you need milk to keep your dear child hydrated.

I’ve never been very good at self-discipline. But little Tigger sure is teaching me Love.

Excuse me if I’m missing for awhile, but I’ve discovered a new food allergy the hard way and probably won’t feel much like being online for a day or so!


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Stinky Mama

I had no idea mothering was such a stinky profession.

I’m not talking about baby poop… Tigger’s exclusively breastfed, so (though Baba would disagree) her diapers smell somewhat pleasant, like yogurt. I’m not talking about spit-up… messy, yes, but stinky, not particularly. I’m talking about myself. Mama. I’m a stinky Mama.

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